Our Beliefs about the Young Child

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  • The child is a creation of God—unique in his or her personality and gifts, and beautifully designed in God’s image.
  • The birth of a child is an act of the Creator breathing new life into the family and into His greater world.
  • The way the young child learns is different from the way older children and adults acquire knowledge. This unique period of rapid brain development is God-inspired. Knowledge acquired at this time is formative, remaining a part of who the child is into adulthood, and throughout life.
  • Each child’s developmental path is unique. Development is enhanced when parents and teachers observe, understand, and prepare for the child’s natural way of learning.
  • The young child needs protection from untimely adult concerns. Harmony among adults protects the child from concepts beyond his capacity—freeing him to fully experience whatever he sets his focus on.
  • The child learns best in an atmosphere where he is . . .
    • Free to explore within thoughtful, appropriate boundaries
    • Allowed to follow his personal developmental path without comparison to others
    • Acquainted with order and its resulting beauty
    • Allowed to act upon an appropriately prepared environment, with respect for others, as interests and curiosity lead
    • Able to enjoy true friendship with classmates and teachers
    • Lovingly protected from anything that could harm him