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The academic foundation established during your child’s Pre-K and Kindergarten years can make the difference between realizing, or lagging, their potential throughout elementary school. And what we teach tracks with the education that children in any Kindergarten class should be learning in Tennessee.

Some children, however, need more than the right academic information. If they feel lost in a large group, or overwhelmed by the size of a larger school or children who are much older, they may not process as readily what their teacher is teaching.

Our Pre-K and Pre-K/Kindergarten teachers prepare individually differentiated lesson plans from McGraw-Hill’s World of Wonders curriculum. This approach gives a strong foundation for First Grade and beyond, with engaging concepts and activities. Your child’s teacher will prepare and (as appropriate) modify the materials to be as engaging as possible for the students.

Sample subjects & topics:

Here’s a quick sampling of some subjects & topics drawn from the McGraw-Hill Kindergarten materials:

  • Math & Geometry: place value; measurement & data; classifying objects in a category; identifying & describing shapes; 2 & 3 dimensional shapes; etc.

  • Reading (goals): build background; oral language; listening comprehension; phonics (rhyming & high frequency words); writing skills; text connections; writing in complete sentences; etc.

  • Science & Social Studies: human systems; physical systems; symbols; graphs; places, regions & continents; map & globe skills; cultures; citizenship; leadership; etc.

  • And more.


Your child’s teacher will guide his learning according to the topic and level of attention he needs, whether on a Kindergarten or Pre-Kindergarten level, and whether they’re learning as part of the whole group, a smaller group, as a learning partner with a peer, or one-on-one.

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Does your child need another year where neither the class, nor the school, nor the other children around him are too big?

The unique advantage of our program, we believe, is its context. When the young learner has the opportunity to gain self-confidence in a smaller group as one of the oldest, the experiences and learning can be much more comfortable.

Individualized attention in a loving, Christian environment, where students can feel completely at home, can give your child the best possible start to their academic career.

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