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New to Nashville, or still haven’t found a church home?

Here are some of the churches David recommends where you can find solid Bible-based teaching for your mind, worship for your heart, and fellowship for your life:


KAIROS Nashville happens on Tuesday nights at 7PM at Brentwood Baptist Church (take I-65 South and exit right at Concord Road). You’ve got to go at least once, you will be blessed if you do! Learn more at www.kairosnashville.com  


Strong Tower Bible Church – I’m less familiar with this one but have heard great things! Also not far from GHC, it’s located 3.5 miles south of us on Granny White Pike near Radnor Lake: http://www.strongtowerbiblechurch.com/


The Church at Avenue South is close to Green Hills Child, located on Franklin Pike in Melrose. Lots of other young folks in their 20s & 30s. Great teaching, community and worship music: http://avesouthchurch.com/


Immanuel Church Nashville – Understanding and living out the Gospel is what this church is about. Excellent teaching! Lots of young, growing families. Located off of Charlotte Pike, here’s where to go for more info: http://www.immanuelnashville.com/Sunday-Mornings


11:11 at Brentwood Baptist Church – Like Kairos, this service is more relaxed and contemporary, except it’s on Sunday mornings at 11:11AM. Brentwood Baptist has other more traditional Sunday worship services, just go to this link to learn more: http://brentwoodbaptist.com/about/new/


This is Nashville, so there are about a thousand other options … But these are great places to try!