March 28, 2018

Dear GHC Family -

Thank you for the opportunity you have given us to be a part of your family's life this year. It is a blessing to us to get to serve you. With our dedicated teachers and staff, and Nashville's thriving economy, we are likewise blessed to have more new enrollment requests than we can accommodate.  

This area of our website should have everything necessary to help us meet your family's needs in the months and school year ahead.  

Coordinating placement for the limited number of new families we can invite to join us depends upon the same annual process that first let us commit a spot for your little one(s): gather each current family’s re-enrollment info, and, accordingly, map out promotions for all children, school-wide, in advance of the fall semester.

We need your child(ren)'s information at your earliest convenience, but no later than Tuesday, April 10th. Please note: unless we receive your child(ren)’s completed documents by this deadline, we cannot assure placement for your child after the month of June.

Most questions should be addressed within the Q&A below, which is followed by "Step One" to re-enroll:

What if none of our info has changed?

Some updates and signatures are nonetheless required annually by our Department of Education licensing standards. Other aspects support the school policies and communications are necessary to uphold our program quality. All of it is for the sake of meeting our mutual goals for your child.

Why the April 10th deadline?

Your family's plans and child-specific information by the deadline lets us plan for your child's needs while pursuing parallel commitments for the other enrolled families, newly enrolling families, and the school as a whole.

When will the 2018/19 tuition rates take effect?

For incoming families, the new rates take effect immediately.

For children currently enrolled in one of our four oldest classes, a $20 per month increase over 2017/18 rates will occur upon the earlier of the start of the fall semester this August or promotion to the next older group.

For currently enrolled infants, young toddlers and older toddlers, the 2018/19 rates will be effective upon promotion to the next older group, whenever that occurs. (Compared with tuition in your child's current group, the monthly rate will mathematically decrease upon promoting - but it will be a smaller decrease compared with prior years.)

For newly arriving siblings of currently enrolled children, 2018/19 rates will take effect upon the earlier of the start of the fall semester this August, or promotion to the next older group, with 2017/18 rates effective in the meantime.

What about changes to fees?

To allow for a simpler monthly billing process, we have created a couple of discounts.

The first creates an incentive to prepay certain ancillary fees that can otherwise lead to variations in the amount due each month. Families who prefer to do so can receive a 10% discount off of the Semester Activity/Supply Fees and/or the Before & After Care Fees, by paying either or both of those fees a year in advance by the start of the fall semester. 

The second discount, which is an alternative to semester prepayment, allows families who prefer to do so to pay tuition for the entire 2018/19 school year in advance, for a flat $200 reduction, if all ten months of tuition are paid by the start of the fall semester.

These discounts are optional and may be combined. 

What if we aren't sure of what we’ll need after Memorial Day?

To minimize the effects of student turnover on the group learning environment, re-enrolling families are asked to commit in principle for the entire upcoming school year—however, this does not change your prerogative (or obligation) to give 30 days’ paid notice of withdrawal, should a neighborhood or career change require you to make other arrangements.

As such, paperwork based on your best projection of what your family will need, is what we need. Please note: If you believe you will not need to re-enroll your child, but if you can't be sure yet, please communicate this to us and we will work with you to postpone a final decision to as late a date as possible.   

Are any fees due with this process?

Nope. The 2018/19 enrollment registration fee ($50 per child) will be invoiced with June tuition for re-enrolling families.

What's new in the Parent Policies?

The 2014/15 edition of our Parent Policies remains in effect. An updated edition will be published as soon as possible after pending revisions are complete. If you would like clarification or have a policy question, please email    

Pointers for the process:

Step by step navigation starts below to identify the documents or info needed for your child.

If you're currently enrolled and have no updates to other forms on file, your process will be simpler.

Newly enrolling families will need to complete all required documents. Other documents are for your reference, such as the 2018/19 Calendar and Parent Policies.

Whether this process is paperless for you will depend on your software; we recommend Adobe Acrobat. 

Please email your completed info to, or give a printed copy of each completed and signed form to us in person - whichever is easiest for you - by April 10th.

What's Step One? 

Scroll down to STEP ONE, and, unless otherwise indicated, we need separate information for each child.

Thanks for your help with this process and for the privilege of serving your family.





David McCracken