April 5, 2017

Dear GHC Family -

Welcome to the members area of GreenHillsChild.com, the place to enroll (or re-enroll) your child(ren) with us for the 2017/18 school year. To ensure your child's Fall placement is secured, your completed documents are needed at your earliest convenience, but no later, please, than 5:30PM on Tuesday, April 18th.

What purpose does the enrollment information serve? Didn't we already give you this?

Some  updates are required annually by our licensing standards. Other aspects support the school policies and communications necessary to uphold our program quality. All of it is for the sake of meeting our mutual goals for your child.

Why the April 18th deadline?

Other families will be affected by a family's decision to re-enroll, as will still other families by the withdrawal of any child whose parents expect a neighborhood or career change in the next few months. So, your family's plans and child-specific information by the deadline will let us plan for your child's needs while pursuing parallel commitments for the other enrolled families, newly enrolling families, and the school as a whole.

Will there be an increase in the rate of tuition or fees? When will it take effect, and why?

While we are not increasing our base tuition rates for 2017/18, we will no longer waive the monthly Before & After Care fees. Most families will have some increase (20, 40 or $60 per month), and the amount will vary depending each family's earliest drop off and latest pick up times.

This will begin with the start of the Fall semester, in August. This is only our second rate increase since 2011, and the anticipated proceeds are earmarked entirely for the recruitment and retention of great teachers.

Are any fees due with this process?

The 2017/18 enrollment registration fee ($50) will be invoiced with June tuition for re-enrolling families, and immediately for newly enrolling families on their initial invoice.  

What's new in the Parent Policies?

The 2014/15 edition of our Parent Policies remains in effect. An updated edition will be published as soon as possible after pending revisions are complete. If you would like clarification or have a policy question before submitting your child's re-enrollment documents, please email Parents@GreenHillsChild.com.  

What's the process?

Step by step navigation starts below to identify the documents or info needed for your child.

If you're currently enrolled and have no updates to other forms on file, your process will be simpler.

Newly enrolling families will need to complete all required documents. Other documents are for your reference, such as our 2017/18 Calendar and Parent Policies.

Whether it is paperless in your case will depend on your software; we recommend Adobe Acrobat, if you have it. 

Please email your completed info to Parents@GreenHillsChild.com, or give a printed copy of each completed form to us - whichever is easiest for you - by 4/18.

What's Step One? 

Scroll down to STEP ONE, and, unless otherwise indicated, we need separate information for each child.

Thanks for your help with this process and for the privilege of serving your family.





David McCracken